Digital Camera Information

Well, it’s clear by now, digital cameras have far surpassed film cameras, disposable, 35mm, SLRs etc. aims to provide clear and unfiltered information about a range of digital cameras from the most common an popular point-and-shoot variety to the more exotic SLR flavor.  We will attempt to cover as many brands and models as possible while providing insight on the general and specific use of cameras.

A point-and-shoot camera is one that allows the average person to take quick and easy pictures.  One of the best features of digital cameras is the instant preview available on the lcd screens on the back of the cameras.  This allows the photo taker to see if they have captured the scene as they intended.  This is a particularly useful feature for family pictures – no more frowning kids, just keep taking till you get the smile you want :) !

Another important evolutionary step taken with the advent of the digital camera is the elimination of the limitation created by film and the itinerant costs of the film.  Especially with memory amounts booming, memory chips shrinking and memory costs falling – we now get virtually unlimited photos in you pocket.  It really has been a stunning transformation in this industry.

Even more recently we have seen the explosion of cameras included on phones – when these combo machines first came out they were not very good to say the least.  The picture quality was terrible, resolution low, memory limitations abounded and conditions had to be just right.  More recently phone cameras have gotten very good the iPhone 3GS has a great little camera that takes surprisingly high quality pictures and the iPhone 4 even has a flash.  We have come such a long way.

On the professional end of the spectrum the digital SLR is the gold standard for professional and serious amateur photographers.  Not that long ago many professional photographers derided digital SLRs as not being nearly good enough to meet their exacting standards.  However, today is a new era, and every professional photographer I know is a convert.  The light sensors on digital SLRs are phenomenal, rivaling film and everything can be controlled electronically, allowing the photographer to get the digital light sensor to act like different speed films.  The other huge benefits for the pro are similar to the casual photographer including instant preview on built in LCD screens and virtually unlimited photo capability.  In fact with instant preview, if you do run out of memory (highly unlikely) you can just delete pictures you know you don’t want to keep.  For the professional there is no longer the need to make a best guess about how the picture turned out, they can check and make sure they’ve got what they need.

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